Retro Gaming

Anyone who has been to a PLAY Expo before will know that we specialise in retro and we intend to bring the best retro display Yorkshire has ever seen! For PLAY Expo Leeds we will be celebrating some of our favourite franchises, genres and film crossovers in the retro zone. As you would expect from us, the retro zone will be teeming with systems from Pong to Playstation 3 and everything in between.

The retro zone is a timeslice of the past 40 years of games which will be featuring a selection of consoles and computers, each running a selection of the best games for each system. So whether you’re Sinclair, Commodore, Nintendo, Sega, Sony or even a Xbox fan, there will be something for everyone. And of course we’ll have a selection of games for each system too, so if you can’t choose Manic Miner over Decathlon or Gran Turismo over Crash Bandicoot don’t worry our event staff will be on hand to help you find your favourite game.

play expo retro

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