Not content with our initial Indie Games Lineup we've only gone and added even more developers and games to PLAY Expo Leeds! 

Come and support these local studios and try out these awesome games...

Boom Boom Barbarian! (Silo Black Games)

boom boom barbarian

Boom Boom Barbarian is a rhythm action tower defence game, think Golden Axe meets Guitar Hero! The player takes up the role of a Barbarian mercenary for hire and must defend the homes and castles of well-paying clients from hordes of invaders.


Positron (Retroburn Games)


Positron is a fast paced arcade racing game inspired by the classic arcade games of the 80's. Battle against opponents in the Arena, navigate your way out of of the Maze, and collect power-ups while avoiding your own trail in Snake.


Space Toads Mayhem (Lukasz Snopkiewicz)

space toads mayhem

Space Toads Mayhem is an arcade-style, topdown shooter paying homage to classics from the 1980s - some say it tastes like arcade-flavoured ice cream with laser blast sprinkles. It's a challenging, reflex-based game, rewarding a player who enjoys fast-paced action and can utilise enemy behaviour to his / her advantage.



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